In-ground Hydraulic Freight/cargo Lift

In-ground Hydraulic Freight/cargo Lift

AOYAMA cargo elevators combines vast world’s leading technologies into one.Cargo elevator has the advantage such as safe, reliable, high structural strength, durable, smooth travel, large door width, high cost performance and so on. No matter in the factory, shopping center or wharf etc, cargo elevator always provides you with the stable and excellent services by high sense of responsibility and the consummate technology. The company adopts the world’s advanced VVVF drive control technology. The advanced vector control ensure that passengers and goods are as smooth and comfortable as that in the cargo elevators. Its diverse specifications of loading capacity also rank high in the world. Cargo elevator is an ideal choice for vast factories, warehouse, department stores, supermarkets, shopping centers and housing property management center etc. to deliver the goods.
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Product Details

Load capacity




Control system


Cabin finish

Painted steel & Stainless steel, etc.

C.O.P and H.O.P display

Dot matrix,LCD, Multimedia

Car floor

Chequered plate steel

Machine room or not


AOYAMA Lifts is happy to be the nationwide provider of popular residential and commercial elevators, such as this hydraulic freight elevator. We offer an extensive range of commercial lifts that are sure to be perfect for your business! If you would like to purchase a hydraulic cargo lift or any other type of specialty commercial elevator online, we have you covered.


AOYAMA In-Ground Hydraulic cargo elevator – Excellent quality and convincing technology for demanding cargo transport.

AOYAMA In-Ground Hydraulic cargo elevator Economic viability – space-saving, also suitable for large conveyance heights, with low energy and operating costs. High-quality and innovative, of modular construction and adaptable for all uses. Easy to plan. Fast in production. Reliable in assembly. Service-friendly.

AOYAMA In-Ground Hydraulic cargo elevator Convenience and safety– convincing ergonomics, intuitive user guidance, excellent riding convenience, high speeds. The result of an intensive development dialogue between architecture, design and technology.


· This is the ideal drive means for high-capacity applications.

· Economical for the capacity


· Requires drilling a hole for the hydraulic jack

· Requires a four-foot-deep pit or greater

· Typical capacity of 4,000 to 15.000 pounds; larger capacity available


in ground

High integrated and intellectual control system

The ID/IC card exets control over the use of elevator, which allows only the ID/IC card to use the elevator. Greatly increases the safety of building management, removing the conecems of the residents.

Several characteristics of AOYAMA Freight elevator

Convenient to carry goods in and outfreight-elevator-structure.jpg正在上传...In-Ground-Hydraulic-Portrait-1_副本Advanced door system is adopted to reach the maximum opening width. Lift car adopts large-space design, which can easily hold a large number of goods.


Skid-resistance checkered floor
The skid-resistance checkered steel plate, at the whole bottom of the cabin, prevents the transported goods from unwanted shift. This improves the working conditions and guarantees the security of the passengers, the lift and the goods.


Strong safety
Safety gear and speed governor comply with superior international safety standards. The increased momentum of the brakes assure strong performance and the safety is granted to carry large tonnage.

Strong power of main engine
The amply designed drive engine with corresponding frequency inverter provides highest drive power and longevity of the motor torque.

Our freight elevator is a specially designed for the transportation of cargo, with many wide door opening modes and spacious yet sturdy car, suitable for the transportation of large cargo and ensuring the safety when passengers and cargo both present in the car. Technically, advanced CPU control is applied, realizing contact free control to elevate the performance of the elevator, making it the best choice for cargo transportation.

1. We can customize products according to client's demand. Various types of mobile man lift for your choice.
2. Good Quality & Factory Price & Quick Response & Reliable Service, are what we are trying best to offer you

3. All of our products are produced by our professional workmen and we have high efficiency sales team, you can totally trust us.

4. We have more than 20 years experience in designing and manufacturing, we cherish every order from our honored clients.

Environmental advantages: no elevator with completely free gear lubrication design, no need to replace the oil, eliminate oil pollution and fire hazards, the maintenance is more convenient, to create a green space travel for passengers.

Saving energy: on gear elevator starting current is small, the motor doe not need incentives, energy consumption is very low, compared with the traditional traction machine, saving at least 25% of the power consumption, significantly reduce the use cost of the elevator.

Quiet operation: cancel the traditional traction machine gearbox must avoid gear drive, energy consumption, noise and vibration is greatly improved, to lift the car running to create a quiet space.

Save space: permanent magnet gearless machine light weight, compact structure, small size, reduced the space required by the elevator hoistway, convenient layout of an elevator without manchine room.


goods elevators freight cargo elevator for big capacity


Two car operation panels can be set in the cabin,the driver can operate the elevator even he doesn’t get off his car.

Special circuit control and display system is convenient not only for the driver in elevator cabin but also for the driver waiting outside the elevator.

Safety guide device can be set in the elevator car platform, which make sure the elevator and the car is safe.

The elevator cabin can have two entrances,which guaranteed the safety of the car while passing in and out.

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