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Modernization Packages
Extend your elevator and escalator's lifespan
With the average age of buildings growing steadily in many countries, property owners increasingly need to invest in modernizing their people transportation systems. At AOYAMA ELEVATOR, we're proud to work with customers worldwide to prolong their system's lifespan, safely, intelligently and cost effectively.


All of our modernization packages and upgrades have specially been designed with the idea of making these five aspects match together. Considering the highest standards on safety, reliability, energy saving, comfort and aesthetic globally is the only way to ensure the best modernization solution for your elevator.

It's time to consider modernizing if any of these are true…
• You're unsure if the elevator complies with current code and safety standards
• People wait too long in the lobby
• Passengers complain about poor floor leveling, ride comfort or noise
• The building's use has changed since the elevator was first installed
• The elevator:
– is more than 10 years old
– looks worn and out-of-date
– gets overcrowded
– shuts down often
– has a negative effect on rental and property values


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