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Modernization Packages

Base on existing device, minimum changes bring maximum upgrades. AOYAMA ELEVATOR modernization solutions offer both full modernization packages and device upgrades to match your building requirements.


System Modernization   Device Upgrade

Keep the good quality mechanical parts and change old out-dated electrical components by new electrical control system with latest technology; upgrade main parts of the elevator, such as controller, drive and brake system, door control system. You will have the function and value of a new elevator with less expense and no big impact to your building's normal usage.


Improve elevator/escalator Safety, Comfort, and Aesthetics by adding on additional devices or upgrade certain parts of existing equipment. Even you elevators are relatively new, it's also good for you to consider Device Upgrade to increase your elevators and building's value and catch up with extremely high technology development speed.


Installed as an upgrade on existing escalators, the Variable Frequency Control System adjusts the escalator's speed and output according to detected traffic flows.


1. Reliable modernization solution
The latest technology Variable Frequency Control System existing on new escalators has been specially developed as an upgrade on existing units. This guarantees the highest quality standards for your existing escalator.

2. High flexibility
The system is designed to match with existing escalator units.

3. Energy saving
In allowing the adjustment in speed according to traffic flow, the Variable Frequency Control System can reduce the energy consumption of your escalator up to 50%.


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