Automobile Elevators

- Aug 17, 2018-

The development of mankind is in an infinite process, and the development of the city is in a limited space. The three-dimensionalization of urban buildings and the three-dimensionalization of urban traffic are corresponding.

The development of mankind is in an infinite process, and the development of the city is in a limited space. The three-dimensionalization of urban buildings and the three-dimensionalization of urban traffic are corresponding. In order to solve the three-dimensional traffic problem in the city, the car elevator came to the reality from the dream. Car elevators are special elevators that solve the problem of vertical transportation of cars. Its standard load is 3000KG, 5000KG. The speed is 0.25-0.5m/s.

As an important vertical vehicle transport, car lifts can save up to 80% of floor space and more than twice the car turnaround efficiency compared to traditional car ramps. The car elevator is called “non-commercial vehicle lift” in GB7024-2008 “Elevator, Escalator, Moving Sidewalk Terminology” and is defined as “the elevator whose car is suitable for carrying small passenger cars”. The equipment catalog is one of the freight elevators. It has been widely used in automobile 4S shops, maintenance workshops, large shopping malls and supermarkets with parking lots on the roof.

Automotive elevator application status editor

Statistics show that by the end of 2010, China's car ownership has reached more than 80 million, and the number of passenger cars has reached more than 50 million. In the foreseeable future, it will still maintain a growth rate of around 20%. Most of these cars are concentrated in the city, and become congested with the expansion of the city and three-dimensional development. Therefore, car elevators have emerged and developed rapidly.

There are two main types of car elevators that are widely used at present.

(1) Hydraulic car elevators. It has a place in low-rise buildings with its advantages of safety and reliability, and convenient installation of the machine room. Many of these have cars specially designed for cars, and some have optional photoelectric door opening systems, which are more suitable for car use.

(2) Traction type car elevator. In China's cities, most of the car elevators are still traditional traction car elevators. These elevators have developed from the traction freight elevators and occupy a certain market share due to their mature technology and low cost. .

In the context of the growing scale of modern cities, car elevators for passenger cars also have broad prospects for development. In comparison, the traction type car elevator has developed from the traditional traction freight elevator technology. At this stage, it can basically meet the needs of the three-dimensional development of modern cities, but in the long run, the hydraulic car elevator is convenient in layout and energy-saving and environmentally friendly. It is more suitable for the development trend of future car elevators.

Car elevator traction machine editing

Permanent magnet synchronous traction machine with energy saving, environmental protection, stable operation, low noise and small footprint: 1. Simple structure, no need for gearbox, simpler process, reduced volume and weight, and improved utilization of effective space . 2. Low vibration and low noise, especially in low-speed operation areas, the advantages are more obvious, the operation is stable, and the speed regulation precision is high. Most of the noise of conventional geared traction elevators comes from the mechanical vibration generated by the gearbox and the vibration and noise of the motor itself rotating at high speed. The gearless traction machine does not use a reduction gearbox, and the rated speed of the motor is very low, so the vibration and noise of the motor itself are small, so that the noise of the entire elevator system is greatly reduced. 3. Since the gearless speed regulation is realized, there is no secondary deceleration process, which eliminates the loss of the gearbox and improves the efficiency. At the same time, after the permanent magnet is excited, the excitation current is not required, and there is no excitation loss, and the efficiency can be improved. 4. High power factor. The power factor can be as high as 0.9 or more. 5. Safe, reliable and comfortable. Driven by a permanent magnet synchronous motor, it can effectively prevent the phenomenon of elevator rolling. At the same time, the motor can provide sufficient torque at low frequency, low pressure and low speed to avoid the elevator from shaking during the start of the slow speed process and improve the comfort of the elevator during the braking process. 6. Machine room-less elevators with various traction modes can be arranged, showing high degree of freedom and flexibility even when arranged in the organic room and small machine room. 

Car elevator features

(1) When the load is loaded and unloaded, the load of the elevator is suddenly increased, and the load on the car is uneven. This is very different from the way in which the weight of a common freight elevator ride is gradually loaded or gradually unloaded. The structure design of the car elevator should be able to adapt to this feature.

(2) There are two control button boxes in the car, the driver can operate the elevator without going out of the car;

(3) The rated load of more than 3 tons, the car area is large enough to load a variety of small cars;

(4) The front and rear through doors are arranged to facilitate the entry and exit of the car.

(5) A car suitable for carrying a car. The car is the only element that distinguishes the car elevator from the other elevators as defined in the definition of the car elevator. This determines that the car interior size of the car elevator should be compatible with the shape of the passenger car. According to the new economic car definition standards and the "Automobile Library Building Design Code", the dimensions and weight of various passenger car design models are determined (see Table 1). Therefore, the size of the car elevator car should also be determined.