Elevator operation and main safety protection devices

- Aug 27, 2018-

With the continuous improvement of urban construction, elevators have become an indispensable part of urban life, and elevator safety is the focus of the whole society.

The two ends of the traction rope of the elevator are respectively connected with the car and the counterweight, the middle part is wound on the traction sheave and transits through the guide wheel, and the traction motor drives the shifting wheel to drive the traction wheel to rotate, so that it can be dragged The traction force generated by the friction between the lead rope and the traction sheave is used to realize the lifting movement of the car and the counterweight, and finally achieve the transportation purpose.

Knowing the operating principle of the elevator, it was revealed by our safety protection device!

The first is the speed limiter: it monitors and controls the speed of the car at any time. When there is an overspeed condition, that is, 115% of the rated speed of the elevator, it can send a signal in time, and then generate a mechanical action to cut off the power supply circuit and brake the traction machine. 

Then there is the safety gear: the safety gear is under the control of the speed limiter. When the elevator speed exceeds the limit speed set by the elevator speed limiter, or the suspension rope breaks and slacks, the car is emergency stopped and clamped. Hold on the rails.

Finally, the buffer: the buffer is the last link of the elevator safety system, which acts as a buffer when the elevator fails or an accident occurs, thereby relieving the person in the elevator or elevator from direct impact.