Food elevator

- Sep 10, 2018-

Food elevator

The food delivery elevator is generally divided into floor-standing and window-type, which can provide small, fast, convenient and economical transportation of goods, which saves users time and human resources.

First, floor-standing

This type of food elevator can be directly leveled with the ground plane, and users can select cars of different sizes according to their own needs. The user can feed the trolley or dining car directly into the car.

Second, window type

This type of food elevator is leveled at a certain height from the ground, forming a working platform, horizontal with the operator's waist, suitable for users to transport small, light weight items, flexible and diverse, can be used in a variety of occasions.

The function of the food elevator

(1) Electric lock function: The base station call box is equipped with an electric lock for starting and closing the control circuit of the elevator;

(2) Operation fault protection function: When the normal running time exceeds 10 seconds, the elevator stops running to prevent the motor from being burnt out;

(3) Fault self-display function: display the fault after diagnosis in code form;

(4) Fault self-diagnosis function: able to diagnose fault phenomena and causes;

(5) Self-recovery insurance function: If the short circuit insurance is automatically disconnected, the fuse will be automatically turned on when the fault is eliminated;

(6) Contactor adhesion protection function: If the contact point fails to be disconnected after the contactor coil is de-energized, prevent it from running again to ensure safety;

(7) Call response function: press the call button, the digital indicator of the called ladder button is illuminated, and the memory indicator is off after the station is reached;

(8) buzzer prompt function: has the function of buzzing to the station;

(9) Switching door status indication function: After the elevator runs to the station, the landing door is opened, the digital display opens the door state and prompts the ladder to be used in this floor;

(10) Running direction display function: the running direction is displayed by the up and down lighting arrows;

(11) Floor display function: the floor to which the elevator is running is displayed by digital;