How many floors of office buildings do you want to set up the elevator?

- Nov 27, 2017-

In 1954, the code for architectural design of China stated: "when a living room is above five floors or the highest floor is above the horizon, there should be an elevator device when it is above 17 meters".

By 1987, "standard" provisions of the seven layer design of residential buildings (including seven) above should be provided to lift, but for over 10 years, the country in addition to Beijing, Shanghai strictly enforce the standard, many city still appears a lot of seven layer, eight layer and nine layer, ten layer is not a residential elevator. This kind of house is very inconvenient in use, especially for the old, weak, disabled staircase and carrying heavy material. Therefore, this code of revision strictly stipulates that the seven layers (including seven layers) must be set up. And it's always used.

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