How to ensure the comfort experience of the passenger elevator

- Jun 21, 2017-

The elevator in the operation of the comfort and experience is very important. The first is the rationality of structural design, such as the safety part of the steel, strength, to ensure the reliability of the use of safety components; The weight of the car designed to ensure the stability of the elevator, the gantry Liangman foot tensile strength under the conditions of use, must have a certain degree of elasticity. In a word, there should be steel and elasticity between the guideway bracket and the gantry girder of the car. The aim is to reduce the contact surface error caused by the straightness of the guideway during installation, and to ensure the comfort and noise of the elevator in operation by means of several reasonable structural measures, such as guide shoe, rubber damping pad, straight beam, guideway bracket and control system.

Each elevator product in the manufacture, after the factory is the same, but through the installation of different installation team has produced a difference. The alignment of the rails is closely related to the swinging of the car when the elevator is running. The elevator guide rail has three contact surfaces with the boot lining, in the running, while the car roof has two boot, the car bottom has two guide boots, if the contact surface through the curved guide rail, the gantry straight beam steel is too hard to eliminate elastic deformation, the car will be with the guide of the curved line and swing. If the weight of the car, the distortion of the swing will be reduced, this is the object in the operation of the dynamic view.

Because of the air pressure resistance and the friction of the car body in the operation of the high speed elevator car, it is also a main cause of the noise of the car. The author's research design is the appearance of the car, including the car roof, car bottom are designed into a tapered structure, external design for a very smooth streamline shape, do not use the car with steps to reduce air resistance. In addition, there must be a certain area of the hole in the roof to reduce the elevator in the high-speed operation of the wind pressure resistance, this design to reduce noise, lift the comfort of the ladder has obvious effect.