If the earthquake is coming, what should people do in high buildings?

- Aug 20, 2018-

Perhaps many people have experienced earthquakes, even for small earthquakes of the third level, users above the fifth floor have a more obvious sense of shock, and the more the earthquake, the stronger the sense of shock. A building is quite a pole, and the head of the rod is swung by hand, always with a line speed higher than the head. Therefore, when the earthquake occurs, the higher the standing, the more obvious the earthquake.

Obvious shock does not mean more dangerous. The construction requirements of high-rise buildings are often stricter than the underlying buildings, such as earthquake resistance. In the Wenchuan Earthquake, the collapse was often more of a ground floor building, and the more stringent high-rise buildings would be better.

If you encounter a strong earthquake and live on a high-rise, I suggest not to do an elevator escape. At this time, the elevator will definitely have an accident! At this time, the earthquake is strong, and the power supply in the elevator is likely to malfunction. By then, the entire building collapses, although the outer shell of the elevator can greatly reduce the risk of you being crushed, but you will be waiting in the closed and dark space for a long time. The more confined the space, the more depressed, the tighter the breathing, the faster the oxygen consumption and the hypoxia caused, most people will suffocate before they are rescued!

If the big earthquake is coming, you are sure that the building will fall down, then don't make invalid struggles, such as jumping off the building.

In fact, the most effective way is to hide in the corner of the triangular wall. Don't hide under the table, because the table is likely to be worn. In that case, the safest way is to hide the corner. Finally, find the main wall, that is, the wall that carries the weight of the entire floor, so that the wall strength will be higher. If conditions permit, you can also hold a radiator or water pipe. I recommend holding a water pipe. After all, there is water to drink. Because such a place can withstand the collapse of the ruins, and has a good chance to form a triangle, then you will survive in the dead!

If time permits, bring snacks and water and a mobile phone. At least the phone can be illuminated and send rescue messages. Snacks and water can guarantee you 72 hours to the rescue gold.

What else to say is: Be optimistic! Even if the first day, no one will save you the next day, you have to stick to it. In fact, many people are buried not to starve to death, but to die in despair.

A good attitude can keep you calm and reduce the energy consumption in your body. More importantly, a positive attitude can give you confidence to live. At this time, confidence is as important as food!