If the elevator suddenly falls, what can people do to reduce the damage before landing

- Nov 15, 2018-

Now our technology is developing so fast. When we go to the big shopping malls, we have mentioned it. Some of them are kind of escalators. Many people feel that this kind of thing is safer because it is not a closed space, if it appears. What kind of accident, we can also escape in time, but sometimes this kind of is not particularly safe, because this type of elevator is also dangerous if the child is alone, but now many office buildings The floor is relatively high, so it is necessary to use the elevator, and we usually ride frequently when commuting.


We are also indispensable every day to take the elevator. In fact, it is particularly inconvenient in the office building, because people are basically the same point to get off work. At this time, people will be particularly troublesome to take the elevator. On the Internet, we will still see the elevators on the Internet often happen but now it is less, because the security measures are getting more and more complete, when we were in the elevator, there was a sudden drop, we were at that time. What kind of measures should be taken to enable us to reduce the damage? After reading, we will increase our knowledge.

Many people think that if you jump off the ground, you can save your life. In fact, this is not true. Because we are in the closed space, the elevator falls. We don't know when it will land. So this method is not feasible. And because the speed of the drop is very fast, we will hit the head up when we jump up, so that the damage is bigger, it is better not to jump. Xiaobian gives you a few things to do when you encounter this situation. 

In fact, the safety performance of the elevator is very good. If the elevator suddenly falls, his safety measures will automatically open. Fixing the elevator on the track and not letting it fall freely will ensure everyone's safety. If this measure does not matter, he also has a host brake, which will make the elevator's falling speed lower, which will give us a chance to buffer, and if the previous two measures are not special, In the end, there is a buffer. He will minimize the impact of the elevator to us and ensure the safety of our personnel.

If the previous protection measures have not played a very good effect, and at this time we don't want to make too much action, the first time everyone should press all the floor buttons all over, because there may be no idea Which floor elevator suddenly recovered, and the second thing we have to do is keep our legs bent because it reduces the damage that the impact brings us.