Is the elevator safe after the blackout?

- Apr 21, 2018-

It's safe. There's no danger.

In case of sudden power failure or failure of power supply line in elevator operation, the elevator will stop operation automatically, and there will be no danger. Because the elevator itself has electrical and mechanical safety devices, once the power fails, the elevator brake will automatically brake, so that the elevator can not run. In addition, if the power supply department has planned power failure, the elevator will be notified in advance, or the operation will be stopped ahead of schedule.

When the elevator is cut off, there is a safety clamp on the lower part of the car decoration. It will clamp the guideway. The car is fixed on the guide rail and will not slip. Some elevator control cabinet has an emergency power supply, when the sudden power outage, the electricity in the emergency power supply is enough to send the car to the nearest floor, open the door to make passengers safe.

An elevator is a permanent transport device that serves a number of specific floors within a building, and its car runs at least two columns perpendicular to the horizontal plane or a rigid track with a plumb angle less than 15 degrees. There are also steps. The treadmill is running continuously on the track, commonly known as escalators or automatic sidewalks.

A fixed lifting equipment serving the floor. The vertical lift has a car running between at least two vertical rails or rigid guide rails with a tilt angle of less than 15 degrees. Car size and structural form are convenient for passengers to enter or to load or unload cargo. No matter how it drives, the elevator is used as a general term for vertical transportation in buildings. Speed can be divided into low speed elevators (4 m / s below), fast elevators 4~12 M / sec and high speed elevators (12 m / s).


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