Need to get groceries from the garage to the kitchen on the third floor?

- Feb 20, 2019-

We provide a full line of both residential dumbwaiters and commercial dumbwaiters. We can configure a dumbwaiter to open on several sides, and in several configurations. We can build your dumbwaiter out of high grade wood materials or food grade stainless steel.  Allow AOYAMA Home Elevator provide you with specific details for your Concierge dumbwaiter today.

Standard Features:

· Intelligent dumb waiter controller with text display

· Stainless steel call buttons(illuminated)

· Finished birch cab with dovetailed joints

· Commercial grade rail/trolley system

· Maintenance free motor/gear assembly

· Safety devices including slack cable, final limit, and trolley brake

· Interlock door safety devices (locks doors when dumbwaiter is at other levels)

· 75 lb, 125 lb, or 250 lb capacity

· 30 fpm rated speed

· Economical, reliable cable drive

· Travel up to 35 feet and 4 stops

· 115V dumb waiter operation