New regulations: regular inspection of elevators gradually shifts to supervision and spot checks

- Aug 13, 2018-

The General Office of the Jiangsu Provincial Government recently issued the "Implementation Opinions on Strengthening the Quality and Safety of Elevators", a total of 14 articles, requiring efforts to build elevator quality and safety work with sound regulations and standards, clear safety responsibilities, effective work measures, perfect supervision mechanism, and social participation. The system allows the masses to safely take the ladder and rest assured that they will take the elevator safety standards to reach the level of developed countries.

Jiangsu is a large province of elevator industry. Jiangsu will speed up the cultivation of more independent brands in the elevator industry and pilot the construction of regional brands for elevators and parts industry clusters. Focusing on breaking through high-end manufacturing bottlenecks and breaking international technology monopolies, we have overcome a number of key common technologies. Encourage leading enterprises to build innovation centers, promote the transformation and application of Jiangsu 10m/s high-speed passenger elevator technology achievements, and improve the level of product intelligence and information. Encourage the public and third-party institutions to participate in elevator use and maintenance supervision, and include relevant corporate information on dishonesty in the credit information system to implement joint punishment.

    Jiangsu will widely apply the new model of “Internet of Things + On-Demand Maintenance” and “Self-Declaration + Credit Management” to encourage elevator manufacturers or their authorized and entrusted units to maintain and maintain elevators in public places, and gradually establish manufacturing enterprises as the main body. Maintenance system. On the basis of strengthening the maintenance and self-inspection responsibility of elevator maintenance enterprises, the inspection projects will be gradually, orderly and scientifically reduced, and the regular inspections will be transferred to the supervision and inspection. Local governments should implement key listing supervision for elevators without property management, no maintenance, no maintenance funds, and hidden dangers, and implement management responsibility units, maintenance units, and special maintenance funds. We will promote the renovation and renovation of old residential elevators, promote pilot projects for existing residential elevators in conditional areas, and smooth the use of residential special maintenance funds.

    To improve the quality and safety of elevators, it is necessary to strictly implement government management responsibilities, departmental work responsibilities, corporate main responsibilities, and quality and safety accountability systems.

    Local governments should incorporate the quality and safety work of elevators into the quality and safety responsibility assessment system, and supervise and guide their departments and agencies to perform their supervisory duties according to law.

    Relevant departments must work together to improve the safety of elevators. Among them, the quality supervision department implements elevator safety supervision according to law, and investigates violations of laws and regulations; the construction and construction department is responsible for supervising the construction quality of civil works such as elevator machinery rooms, shafts and pits, and guiding property service enterprises. Supervise the maintenance activities of elevators according to the contract; the competent departments of education, transportation, commerce, health planning, tourism, etc. shall guide and urge the relevant units to strengthen the safety management of elevators.

    The elevator manufacturing enterprise is responsible for the quality and safety of the elevator design and manufacturing process and the quality problems involved in the safe operation, and carries out follow-up monitoring, technical guidance and service for the installation, modification, maintenance, maintenance and use of the factory elevator. Elevator installation, renovation, maintenance and maintenance companies must strictly implement relevant laws and regulations and safety technical specifications and standards, and be responsible for the construction quality, site safety and safety education of operators. The elevator use unit shall implement the responsibility of the safety main body of the elevator, and perform safety management such as daily inspection, maintenance supervision and emergency disposal.

    The implementation opinion pointed out that it is necessary to improve policy and institutional guarantees, improve the traceability system and emergency rescue platform, actively develop elevator liability insurance, and strengthen elevator safety publicity and education. Jiangsu will strengthen the construction of elevator safety supervision, technical inspection and administrative law enforcement teams, and improve the ability of elevator safety supervision staff to perform their duties. Using information technology such as the Internet of Things, establish quality records of all aspects of elevators, and gradually form a life-cycle quality and safety traceability system. Improve the function of the province's elevator emergency response service data center, relying on big data to draw the elevator quality and safety "information map" to provide support for scientific and precise supervision. Local governments should incorporate elevator emergency rescue into the emergency rescue system of the region, arrange special funds for elevator emergency rescue, and establish an emergency rescue service platform. Promote the development of residential elevators and elevator liability insurance for public gathering places such as schools, hospitals, stations, shopping malls, etc., vigorously promote elevator liability insurance for people's livelihood projects such as affordable housing, and explore a new model of “insurance + service”.