Proper use of passenger elevators

- Jun 21, 2017-

Now the elevator is already closely related to our life, everywhere, there are escalators in the mall, there are automatic sidewalks in the supermarket, there are elevators in the office and the community, sightseeing elevator. Elevator in the light for people at the same time, to correct and civilized use of elevators.

1, the first to confirm the use of elevators, maintenance can not take the elevator. Button ladder, go upstairs Press "▲" button, Downstairs Press "" button.
2. When you arrive at the station, you should look at the running direction indicator to determine if it is the direction you want to go. If so, the passenger can see if the foot level, then enter the sedan.
3. Do not use the body to rely on the door panel, not to open and close the door to touch the door, do not leave the skin and other debris in the waiting room, so as not to obstruct the elevator door automatically closed; Do not use the body or other objects to block the closed elevator door.
4. Elevator doors should be quickly, do not talk with others here or stay, and pay attention to the carry-on clothing to avoid the door and the floor scrape.
5. When the height difference between the car and the floor is greater than 600 mm, do not enter the car. In and out of the car, should tighten or pick up children and pets, the elderly, children or people with mobility inconvenience by elevator, should be accompanied.
6. Do not carry untreated flammable, explosive or corrosive articles on public elevators.
7. Hear the elevator overload beep, the back into the passengers should take the initiative to quit, patiently waiting for the next trip.
8. Single woman in the evening by ladder as close to the steering wheel as possible to stand, so that when necessary immediately press the door button to escape or alarm warning. If a stranger enters the elevator, pay attention to its manners.
9. Don't be curious and press the fire button. Unexpected actions not only affect the normal operation of the elevator, but also may lead to the whole building's fire system start, causing unnecessary loss.