Residential elevator

- Aug 09, 2018-

Residential elevators are designed and developed specifically for use in residential buildings. The use of advanced elevator technology at home and abroad, the production of a new full-computer, modular control of variable frequency speed (VVVF) elevator. The data network system and modular structure are combined to make the system control more precise, efficient, flexible and reasonable, and the most effective self-checking program is utilized, so that the elevator can fully exert its functions and improve the performance of the elevator to a more High level.

The residential elevator has a simple, innovative and flexible car design that is suitable for transporting passengers and furniture, sofas, etc., and can be integrated with a variety of buildings.

According to GB 50096-2011

The provisions of the residential design specification 6.4.2:

The elevator configuration of the high-rise building is determined according to the national "", the following high-rise buildings should be equipped with fire elevators: A type of public building; Tower house; 12-storey and 12-storey modular residential and porch-style dwellings; Other types of public buildings of more than 32 m in height.

6.3.2 The number of fire elevators installed in high-rise buildings shall meet the following requirements: When the floor area of each floor is not more than 1500m^2, one should be provided; When more than 1500m^2 but not more than 4500m^2, two sets shall be provided; When greater than 4500 m^2, three units shall be provided; Fire elevators may be used in conjunction with passenger elevators or work elevators, but shall comply with the requirements of fire elevators.