Swipe elevator

- Sep 06, 2018-

The card elevator installs a card reader in the elevator car. After the elevator user swipes the card, the elevator can open the car interior command for the IC card pre-set floor, and provide the user with registration; no card or unauthorized card floor , can not be registered, open public areas without the need for an IC card to register. It is possible to restrict unrelated persons from entering the IC card permission area. A card reader is arranged outside the elevator hall. After the elevator elevator user swipes the card, the elevator can open the external call button preset to the IC card and provide the user with registration; if there is no card or unauthorized IC card, the elevator cannot be registered. The open call button in the direction of the public area does not require a card to be registered. An elevator that restricts access to the IC card by an unrelated person. After the IC card issuance center sets the permissions for each IC card, the issued cards can be used. Different cards can be set with different permissions, corresponding to different users; the management IC card held by the administrator is usually set to Use the full authority of the elevator; for lost cards, the IC card issuance center can report the loss, disable the lost IC card, and prevent the illegal holder from continuing to use. The intelligent IC card control elevator management system automatically withdraws from the management when the elevator is in a special state such as fire protection, overhaul, etc., and can also exit the management through a manual switch. The elevator can realize the registration without the IC card, and the elevator can be used under special circumstances. The intelligent IC card control elevator management system strengthens the weak side of management in the traditional safety management system and greatly improves the safety level of buildings.

Function category editing

The IC card elevator intelligent control system can be roughly divided into the following functions:

A and building intercom linked elevator

The smart reception function for the visitor is added; for the visitor, the boarding can be realized without the card and the password: the intercom system is used to call the resident first, and after the resident confirms the identity of the visitor, the start button is sent to the elevator at the same time as the open button, the IC card is sent. The elevator control system sends the signal that the guest can go to the floor. When the elevator goes down to the first floor, after the elevator enters the elevator, press the button of the floor where the resident is occupied, the registration starts the elevator, and the other unauthorized floors, the visitor cannot press the button to register. With time zone control: the system is opened for a certain period of time, controlled within a certain period of time, so that the elevator automatically runs according to regulations.

B swipe card direct password ride (referred to as layer control)

With section type increase, delete, query card number and floor setting; operation mode: single-layer card holder swipes directly. No need to press the button; after multi-layer card users swipe the card, they must press the permission button recorded in the card to arrive; Optional password keyboard, when you forget to bring the card, enter the password to take the elevator.

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C internal selection elevator intelligent control system

Operation mode: Swipe to open all the buttons to control, press the floor button to go within the set time, the elevator can reach the pressed floor, the product comes with self-test device, when the system is faulty or damaged, the signal can be sent. Will automatically detach from the original system, restore the original state of the elevator, does not affect the use of the elevator; has a fire signal input interface, when the passive dry contact fire switch signal is activated, the IC card elevator system does not work, the elevator returns to the original state.

D car outside the card (IC card call)

Intelligent elevator floor personnel control system, designed for elevators outside the control car to access specific floors. Control cardholders to enter and exit certain floors to prevent accidental access to each elevator to ensure safety; support biometric read head: fingerprint, non-contact vein identification; the system is connected to the elevator itself using passive contacts, both Complete isolation, will not have any impact on the original performance of the elevator; use low-power CMOS microcomputer, personnel and storage data can be saved for 10 years without loss; offline or networked system will automatically record each successful card use Relevant information of the elevator (including user card number, usage time, elevator code used, floor reached and transaction status) for statistics, printing, archiving, and query; operation mode: swipe to enter the elevator.

Technical parameter editing

Product number

Appearance size: L350*W350*110H

Working voltage and current: use DC DC 24V±10%/3A, power supply with overcurrent, overvoltage, lightning protection, anti-static function

Main control board maximum working current <480mA

Working current is about 120mA;

Number of control layers: The main control board controls 16 layers and can be expanded according to requirements;

Each contact is a passive dry contact input and output characteristic; one fire linkage input, 32 contact output;

On-resistance <3Ω;

The cutoff resistance is greater than >20MΩ;

Use environment: Temperature: -20--60 °C Relative humidity: 20% - 90% no condensation;

Storage environment: Temperature: -30--90 °C Relative humidity: 20%--90% no condensation;

Use card: The system uses Mifare &reg;1 card, the typical operation time is 0.2 seconds; there is no limit on the card capacity.

CPU card, typical operation time is 0.3 seconds;

T5557 card, typical operating time is 0.3 seconds;

And support (ID card, EM card, HID card, legic card)

Support biometric read head (fingerprint, non-contact vein recognition)

Support mobile phone brush elevator

Communication interface: RS485/RS232, optional TCP/IP, can be run completely offline

The reading head is divided into ordinary type, password type, fingerprint type, fingerprint type two-in-one type, swipe password two-in-one type, fingerprint password swipe three-in-one type.