The effect of high temperature on the elevator

- Aug 07, 2018-

Most of the elevator rooms are on the top floor of the building. Some of the machine rooms are a raised room on the roof of the building. The roof and four walls of the machine room are all external structures. The external protective structure is also the external wall that we all say, and its temperature is closely related to the greenhouse temperature, thus affecting the indoor temperature.In the hot weather in summer, the outdoor temperature is high, and the temperature of the external protection structure is also high, which leads to an increase in the indoor temperature of the machine room. 

High temperature is easy to cause abnormality of the microcomputer control board program.The electronic device on the microcomputer control board or PLC is logically controlled by voltage and current comparison, and responds to external commands. Due to the material temperature characteristics of the electronic device, the logic judgment of the electronic device may be wrong when the temperature is higher than the allowable temperature, the control panel of the microcomputer is unstable, the elevator is prone to failure, and the normal operation is affected.

High temperature also damages electronic components.The failure rate of the inverter increases exponentially with the increase of temperature, and the service life decreases exponentially with the increase of temperature. The ambient temperature rises by 10 °C, and the service life of the inverter is halved.

When the ambient temperature is too high, it is easy to make the braking resistor heat dissipation time too long. If the elevator runs frequently, the heat of the braking resistor accumulates many times, eventually causing the braking resistor temperature to be too high and damaged, and even causing a fire and other safety accidents.

How to control the temperature of the equipment room?

The elevator machine room is used for maintenance structure insulation treatment to reduce the influence of outdoor temperature on indoor equipment in high temperature weather in summer. At the same time, it is not allowed to neglect the insulation of the maintenance structure and reduce the thickness of the maintenance structure because it is the equipment room.In the natural ventilation state, install ventilation equipment to meet the temperature requirements of the equipment room, and install air conditioners. When installing ventilation equipment (such as exhaust fans), it should correspond to the ventilation openings of the equipment room (such as blinds), so that the air will convect, thus improving the temperature of the equipment room.The use unit and maintenance unit should arrange full-time personnel to strengthen management.


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