Why does the stainless steel surface of the elevator rust?

- Jun 21, 2017-

Many people have a misunderstanding of stainless steel, that stainless steel is never rusty. In fact, stainless steel is made of Fe-CR alloy and other trace elements, and its corrosion resistance is good. The reason is that the surface of the formation of a layer of passivation film, in Nature it in a more stable form of oxide in other words, stainless steel Although the use of different conditions, oxidation degree is not the same, but ultimately is oxidized, this phenomenon is often called an eclipse.

Many of the old passenger elevator inside the stainless steel mirror, will be due to the long-term use of the month to cause oxidative corrosion, become very difficult to see. The surface of the metal exposed to corrosion in the environment of all electrochemical reactions or chemical reactions, uniform corrosion. Stainless steel elevator Surface passivation film among the weak corrosion resistance of the site, due to the self-excited reaction to form pitting reaction, the formation of small holes, coupled with chloride ions close to form a strong corrosive solution, accelerated corrosion reaction speed.

There are intergranular corrosion cracking in the stainless steel, all of which have a damaging effect on the passivation film on the stainless steel surface. Therefore, to maintain the gorgeous surface of stainless steel products and prolong the service life must be regularly maintained.

In the actual situation, once the stainless steel surface of the elevator has been found rusty, it must be taken care of. Otherwise, there may be some serious accidents and even casualties may occur. Therefore, we must know more about the elevator stainless steel surface maintenance method.