the safety knowledge for riding elevator

- Aug 08, 2018-

These elevator safety reminders should be assured

 (1) Escalator

1. Before you board, tie your shoelaces and pay attention to the loose, towed clothing to prevent it from being hanged.

2. When you board, please support the handrails, pay attention to the center of gravity, and stand within the yellow line of the ladder.

3. When leaving, raise your feet in advance.

4. Escalators are special equipment. When adults are on the escalator, they are required to accompany them. It is recommended that the elderly carry a stroller with a stroller, large luggage and passengers with limited mobility.


(2) Barrier-free elevator

1. Children should not play at the door of each elevator, and the elevator door is easy to pinch children.

2. Do not force the elevator into full load after the elevator is fully loaded.

3. Do not throw the sundries in the elevator. Once the debris falls into the elevator door, it will cause the elevator door to "crack".

4. Children should not touch the car door with their hands when riding the ladder, which may cause the hand to be clipped.

5. Passengers should not jump in the car, which may cause the elevator to malfunction.