The three needs four not of the elevator etiquette of the villa

- Jul 31, 2018-

Villa elevator etiquette is the first emphasis on the "left to right", that is, up and down escalators need to stand on the right, leaving the left passage for emergency people to go ahead.

The "three needs" of elevator etiquette

1. before riding, fasten your shoelaces and take care of loose, towed clothes (such as long skirts, gowns, etc.) to prevent being dragged from the edge of the ladder, the comb, the apron, or the inner cover.

2. if the handrail is not synchronized with the runway operation, pay attention to adjusting the position of the hand at any time.

3. When leaving, raise your feet in the direction of the cascade movement, step over the comb board and rest on the front board to prevent tripping or shoe trapping.

"Four not" of elevator etiquette

1. when riding, do not touch the shoes or clothing touch the escalator glass or gap, avoid the ladder of movement caused by drag and cause unnecessary damage; leave, do not stay on the escalator or sidewalk exit, so as not to affect other passengers and avoid extrusion.

2. The head and limbs should not be extended out of the handrail to avoid the impact of obstacles, ceilings and adjacent escalators.

3. Canes, umbrella tips or high-heeled shoe tips should not be inserted into the gap at the edge of the step or in the groove of the step pedal.

4. in the escalator slowly rising, carry the bag, hand bag and so on do not put on the ladder pedal or hand belt, in case of forget to carry when the things rolling things are everywhere, and do not sit on the ladder pedal.