The trap is trapped inside the seven ways to save themselves

- Aug 14, 2018-

Elevators bring a lot of convenience to people living in the city, but if the elevator is broken, the trapped person needs to master the following self-rescue methods to ensure safety and get rescue.

First, keep calm, and comfort the people trapped together, explain to everyone that there will be no danger, the elevator will not fall off the elevator trough. The elevator trough has anti-fall safety devices, which will firmly clamp the rails on both sides of the elevator, and the safety device will not malfunction.

Second, look for the help phone number in the elevator to send help information or use the elevator inside the alarm, the phone to ask for help, if there is no alarm or walkie-talkie, when the phone fails, you can scream, if you are afraid of hand pain, you can take off your shoes, request Find someone to rescue immediately.

Third, if you can't find the elevator mechanic immediately, ask someone outside to call the fireman. Firefighters usually twist or twist the elevator to the nearest floor and then open the door. Even if the power-off firefighters can use the hand-operator, the elevator will be twisted and twisted.

4. If there are no trained rescuers outside, do not climb out of the elevator.

5. Never try to force open the inner door of the elevator. Even if it can be opened, it may not be enough to get the outer door. It is of course impossible to open the outer door safely. Grease on the outer wall of the elevator can also cause people to slip.

6. If there is an emergency exit on the elevator ceiling, do not climb out. Once the exit plate is opened, the safety switch keeps the elevator stationary. However, if the exit plate is accidentally closed, the elevator may suddenly become unbalanced. In the dark elevator trough, it may be tripped by the elevator cable or slipped by the grease and fall off the top of the elevator.

7. In the elevators that are trapped in commercial buildings late at night or on weekends, it is possible that no one will approach the elevator for hours or even days. In this case, the safest thing to do is to stay calm and wait for opportunities. It is best to endure hunger and thirst, to suffocate, to save your life, to listen to the movements outside, and to pass the pedestrians and try to get his attention. If you can't, just wait until the time of work to call for help.