What are you going to do before you embark on the escalator?

- Jun 21, 2017-

There are many kinds of elevators, and escalators are one of them. However, the escalator is relatively small for us to understand. At present, there have been all kinds of large and small escalator accident occurred, the reason, most of it is because we in the escalator before, not to worry about a lot of details. Therefore, on the escalator before embarking on the point of attention, we as the production of elevator manufacturers for everyone to do a simple summary:

First, look at the direction of the electrical handrail operation;
Second, when stepping into the escalator, must be doubly careful;
Third, avoid too long or loose clothes close to the handrail elevator level;
Do not use an escalator when carrying baby carriages, trolleys, large objects or wheelchairs;
Do not stand or stay in the escalator entrance area.

The attention point of the escalator is in general, are appearing in the detail point, if there is any question about the escalator, we can contact Schmidt Elevator Consulting.