What does the elevator do when it falls?

- Jul 31, 2018-

When you are faced with the line between life and death, every action you do at present will determine your life and death.

First, (no matter how many floors), press the buttons on every floor quickly.

Second, if there is a handlebar in the lift, please hold the handle tightly with one hand.

Third. The whole back is in line with the head against the inner wall of the elevator.

Fourth. The knee is bent.

Explanation: because you don't know when it will land, and when you fall, you will probably fracture and die.


The first point is that when the emergency power is started, the elevator can stop immediately and continue to fall.

The second point is to fix your seat so that you will not hurt yourself because of unstable center of gravity.

The third point is to use the elevator wall as a protection for the spine.

The fourth point is the most important because the ligament is the only body that is rich in elasticity, so the knee is bent to withstand the pressure, which is more pressure than the bone.