What is the control way of the elevator?

- Apr 21, 2018-

1. Handle control.

2, button control.

This is an elevator that allows the car to stop at the station by giving instructions to the side buttons or the inside buttons. The elevator also has two types of automatic and manual types. The automatic door elevator has the function of automatic leveling and opening and closing. For the manual door elevator, after the elevator arrives at the flat layer, it needs someone to open the door, and after the door is closed manually, the elevator gets the button instruction to run.

3. Signal control.

This is a kind of elevator operated by the elevator driver, which has the function of analyzing and judging the summon signal on the top and bottom of the floor, the signal of the selection layer in the car and the other special signals, so the automatic control degree is high.

4. Collect and select control.

An elevator is a permanent transport device that serves a number of specific floors within a building, and its car runs at least two columns perpendicular to the horizontal plane or a rigid track with a plumb angle less than 15 degrees. There are also steps. The treadmill is running continuously on the track, commonly known as escalators or automatic sidewalks.


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