What should I do to maintain the elevator? How can I maintain the elevator?

- Nov 08, 2018-

Elevator maintenance refers to the regular inspection of the elevator. It can quickly find problems such as wire ropes and elevator components, and can ensure the safety of the passengers, which can bring more reliable, more economical and more efficient effects. What kind of work does the elevator have to do? How can we maintain the elevator? Let's take a look at it with Xiaobian.

What is the work of elevator maintenance?

1. Lubrication

The traction wire rope is very important in the elevator component. It is a device for providing suspension to the elevator. It bears the full weight of the elevator and the passenger. The elevator car is also driven by the friction of the traction wire rope on the wheel groove. of. Therefore, once the traction wire rope is damaged, it will affect the life and property of the person. It needs to be regularly inspected and lubricated.

2. Nondestructive testing

Once the wire rope is used, its performance and life will begin to wear down gradually, so it must be regularly inspected and monitored in real time. It is mainly divided into external inspection and internal inspection. The external inspection can monitor the surface for defects such as corrosion, deformation, and excessive number of broken wires. Internal damage can be achieved by techniques such as radiation detection, acoustic detection, mechanical inspection, ultrasonic inspection, eddy current detection, and vibration detection.

3, wire lubrication

The wire rope needs regular lubrication and cleaning to ensure a short service life. In particular, the surface of the traction wire rope often accumulates a layer of oil. It is caused by the mixing of lubricating oil and dust. If it is not removed, it will affect the service life. Change the friction coefficient and reduce the traction ability. Steel wire lubrication also has anti-corrosion protection, which can reduce wear and the like.

4, mechanical parts

The mechanical components such as the traction machine of the elevator, the elevator car guide shoe, the elevator hall door, and the elevator car door also need to be maintained and cleaned for maintenance, which is related to the use of the elevator.

5, electrical components

The electrical circuit components such as electrical switches and control panels in the elevator also need to be well maintained. It controls the starting, running, switching, etc. of the elevator. If the maintenance is not done well, it is easy to cause the elevator door system to malfunction.

1, do a daily inspection tour

Each elevator is equipped with safety management personnel. Every day, the elevator will be inspected and recorded. Once an abnormality such as odor, noise, light curtain or safety touch panel is broken, and the door is not smooth, the maintenance will be notified to the site for on-site inspection.

2, professional maintenance company should be routinely maintained

There are mainly monthly elevator maintenance that will be carried out twice a month, quarterly maintenance inspections once a quarter, and annual maintenance in 1-3 years. The focus of their testing is different, especially for each The maintenance to be carried out on the 15th must take into account the areas that are negligent and missing during the daily inspection, weekly inspection, and monthly inspection.