What should I do when the elevator is stuck?

- Jun 21, 2017-

When our life is more and more convenient, the use of elevators is more and more. With the elevator, we can save a lot of time and trouble when we are climbing high buildings. The pace of life, elevator use is a necessity. However, this does not mean that the safety of the use of elevators has been valued. Conversely, more and more people are beginning to overlook the maintenance and maintenance of elevators. Believe in our life, there should be a lot of people have to take the elevator when the elevator stuck in the situation.

So what should we do when the elevator is stuck?

First of all, the elevator button board there is a cry for help, can achieve timely access to the building management staff, the function of the call,

Second, the elevator should also have the telephone number of the maintenance unit to call for help.

Then, the elevator is really to see luck, sometimes only need the building management personnel to reconnect with the switch can be rescued, sometimes, need to think about how to go to the toilet.

Finally, we would like to remind you that what must not do is to blindly pick up the ladder, the window. The elevator may be stuck between the floors and you'll see a wall after you open the door. The outside of the window is the cable wire, accidentally electrocution or tripping is very dangerous.