Where is the most likely accident to help the elevator?

- Jul 31, 2018-

Where are elevators and villa elevators most prone to accidents?

1. the handrail of escalator is easy to grip and can not be scratching.

The gap between the 2. ladder and the ring plate is easy to clip to the clothes and feet.

Attention to escalator

1. before the escalator, the public must see clearly the direction of operation and be careful when stepping into the elevator. Don't go barefoot or wear loose shoes with your shoes on escalators. When you wear long skirts or handheld items on the escalator, pay attention to your skirts and items, and be careful not to be caught.

2. When entering the escalator, do not step on the junction of the two steps, so as to avoid the escalator running to the inclined section, because of the difference in the height of the front and back steps and fall. Use your hands to tighten the children or to grasp the small items that are easy to fall.

3. when holding the escalator, hold the handrail tightly, and your feet should be stall in the steps to avoid standing near the side. It should be noted that it is not easy to fall down on either side of the escalator or on the handrail. Others will run on escalators because they are in a hurry. This will not only increase the probability of falling down, but also easily cause escalator failure.

4. When the escalator is in a sudden situation and the passenger in front falls carelessly, he can hold the handrail tightly in one hand and hold it against the other to keep it from falling down. At the same time, he can shout for help. There are "emergency stop" buttons at the end and end of escalators. When the elevator is in emergency, staff or passengers can press the button to let the elevator brake.

5. If you fall down on the escalator carelessly, keep your hands and fingers crossed, protect your back brain and neck, and move your elbows forward to protect your temples on both sides. Because the strong impact of the neck will damage the nerves, light will easily paralyze, and the heavy will endanger life.