Why are glass mirrors installed in elevators?

- Jun 21, 2017-

Whether it is residential elevators, business elevators or hotel elevators, there are some models to install glass mirror, this is why?

Broaden your horizons and enhance your ride experience comfort
With the further deepening of urbanization, the elevator becomes the most common means of transportation for people's daily life and travel. We go to work every day, home, shopping malls, can not be separated from elevator help line, ordinary elevator space is limited, and confined, narrow space often make some passengers feel embarrassed, even produce physiological discomfort. It is for this reason that the use of glass-mirror installation in the elevator design helps broaden your horizons, enhance your sense of space, and enhance the comfort of your ride experience.

Convenient travel, care for special people travel situation
"In order to allow wheelchair users to lift up and down the elevator, the elevator and the safety of the entrances and exits can be confirmed." "-This is the most surprising answer to installing glass mirrors in part of elevator models. Yes, not only care for ordinary people, but also for the needs of special groups. Because wheelchair users in the elevator after often inconvenient to turn around to see the elevator operation and elevator outside the situation, in order to provide them with aspects, choose to install in some models of the elevator glass mirror.

Prevent accidents, meet the safety requirements of the passengers
Safety is the basic requirement for the operation of the elevator by the producers and passengers. For the elevator safety and quality control technology is very mature, can ensure passengers ride safety. But there are frequent incidents of elevator harassment in the near future, on this, the part of the elevator design glass mirror, can allow passengers to observe the surrounding environment, in a timely manner to avoid threats, to meet the deeper security needs of the riders.

Look at the grooming and provide space for the passengers.
We all want to show our best in our work and in our leisure time with friends and family. The idea of installing glass mirrors in some of the models also has a very thoughtful one--to allow passengers to take advantage of these more than 10 20 seconds to quickly examine their appearance, if there is a need can also be in this short time to organize, in the details of the thoughtful design also let many passengers in the process of feeling warm.