Would you like to see the elevator?

- Jun 21, 2017-

is taking the elevator, suddenly appeared a slight shaking feeling, this time, you are not a little worried, afraid of the elevator failure, anyway, I was a bit scared, because I have encountered several elevator fault: rush to drop, stop the transport, people worry and worry.

When we purchase property, we will take the initiative to understand the civil quality of the house, daylighting and ventilation, community environment, but easy to ignore the elevators used. Elevator quality and configuration, directly affect the safety and comfort of travel, we should focus on the purchase.

First look at the quality of the elevator. Elevator manufacturing enterprises to meet market demand, will produce different grades of elevators, load weight, speed and other performance indicators are not the same, prices from a hundred thousand of to millions of dollars, comfort, reliability is different. For residential elevators, some developers tend to choose lower-priced generic brands and lower-grade elevators for lower costs. Elevator manufacturing enterprises to seize the residential elevator market, will also reduce the cost of materials, reduce the configuration to reduce prices. Buyers should choose to install a well-known brand, good performance, high configuration of the elevator housing.

Second, the number of elevators to look at the configuration ("a ladder of several households"). If the number of elevators per unit in residential buildings is small, the use frequency will increase, the elevator machinery electrical components wear, aging will be accelerated, the failure rate will increase, the service life will be reduced. The state-related design norms will be divided into "economic" and "luxurious" four levels of residential elevator, stipulating 12 floors and above high-rise residential, elevator quantity should be not less than 2 units. At least 3 elevators should be installed when each floor is inhabited by 25 people and above 24 floors, and at least 35 elevators shall be installed when each floor is 25 people and above 4 floors.