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EN81 ELEVATOR, German TUV Certification, CE Certification, EAC Certification
Capacity: 450kg~2500kg, speed: 1.0m/s~2.5m/s

Passenger elevators
The Mission of AOYAMA ELEVATOR is working constantly and with high accuracy to understand the demands of modern urbanization and provide solutions, which support the vertical transportation of individuals with excellent products and bring passengers safely, efficiently and comfortably to their destination.

Fast elevators
Comfortable riding means
1. The outer shape of the cabin is optimized aerodynamically to effectively restrain wakes.
2. High performances sound insulation materials are applied to significantly reduce the noise inside
the cabin.
3. Spring mounted guide rollers reduce vibrations as well as swinging effects effectively.
4. Latest shock attenuation devices improve riding comfort.
Multiple safety means
1. Advanced door and movement protection systems improve the safety for the access of passengers.
2. Safety protection devices are closely connected with each other to create safest operation environment.
3. EMC-technology terminals for reliability in operation and thus protection of passengers.
4. Intelligent remote monitor systems for real-time information and preventive maintenance.


1. With CE, ISO9001, ISO14001 certificates;
2. Humanized design, comfort and natural;
3. Advanced control system and driving device, superior driving system, superior driving chain, excellent workmanship assures the comfortable operation;
4. The safety protection functions as many as 21 items fully comply with national and European standard;
5. Automantic lubrication system lubricates all kinds of driving components, which prolongs products' operation life greatly.
6. Micro-computer controlled system performs with rapid calculation speed, high reliable moving, and also with failure code fixed, easy to be maintained;
7. Drive device arranged vertically assures enough space and convinience for maintenance.
8. Safety protection functions as many as 21 items fully comply with national and Japanese standard.


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