Moving Travelator In The Overhead Passage

AOYAMA Moving Walks have high-tech features that provide comfort and convenience for passengers. AOYAMA Moving Walks feature a variety of innovations including the All-Stainless Steps and the Independent Top Drive System. These high-tech features enable an efficient operation and maintenance in consideration of energy-saving, which produces substantial savings.
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EN115 Escalator, German TUV Certification, CE Certification, EAC Certification
Indoor, outdoor, heavy duty, public escalator
Width: 600mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 1200m.

moving travelator in the overhead passage

AOYAMA  Moving Walks have high-tech features that provide comfort and convenience for passengers.  
AOYAMA Moving Walks feature a variety of innovations including the All-Stainless Steps and the Independent Top Drive System. These high-tech features enable an efficient operation and maintenance in consideration of energy-saving, which produces substantial savings.


IN AIRPORT TERMINALS AND TRAINS STATIONS moving travelator in the overhead passage 
Extra Width Boosts Transport Capacity
AOYAMA moving walk, is wide enough for two people to ride side by side without feeling crowded. This roomy design is well suited to contemporary transportation needs from airport passengers carrying large amounts of luggage to the heavy passenger flow at major train stations. It markedly enhances the efficiency of short-distance pedestrian-traffic system.



AOYAMA moving walks are designed to link major train station with urban centers and provide pedestrians with greater freedom of movement while enhancing their comfort. AOYAMA moving walks with its extra-wide walk, is ideally suited to fulfill the role. In fact,it

 can be used to serve a broad range of social needs. 
Because it is wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair with plenty of space for a person to stand alongside., it can provide valuable assistance for the increasing number of handicapped people playing more active roles in society. 



An Important Means of Transport in Underground Facilities 
AOYAMA moving walk,  offers ample capacity to handle the heavy flow of pedestrian traffic in the underground passageways that link subways to underground shopping malls and connect major stores. What's more, this smooth riding moving walk provides a respite from the hustle and bustle of the city and a relaxing pause for hurried shoppers. 


SHOPPING MALLSmoving travelator in the overhead passage
Convenient Transport Between Floors with Panoramic Views of the Entire Mall 
AOYAMA Moving Walk, inclined makes shopping a pleasure, and it permits shoppers to move easily between floors with shopping carts or a large number of bags while offering panoramic view of the entire mall at the same time.
It inclined can also be placed near event areas for the entertainment and amusement of shoppers.


Smooth Riding and Dependable for Easy Customer Access
By permitting access by great number of people, AOYAMA moving walk inclined can help to boost attendance at public facilities, tourist attractions, and other places of interest located at elevated sites. AOYAMA moving walk inclined offers an expansive view of surrounding scenery and provides easy access for elderly persons. In this way, it also enhances the facility's attractions. 



1. Diecast aluminum alloy is used in the pallets, for comfortable riding and an extended lift-span.

2. The travel direction can be reversed easily at the operation panel.

3. The treads are designed with the same fine pitch and deep cleats as the steps of our word renowned escalators, ensuring a precise fit with the landing-comb plates. This makes boarding and alighting easy and safe.

4. Adjacent pallets mesh smoothly to prevent objects from becoming caught and to provide a safe ride even on the pallet joints.

5. The Pallets can be made to run in conformity with guiderail configurations, the allowing overpass and underpass sections that combine the horizontal and inclined types.

6. Shopping carts, baby strollers, and wheelchairs can be used on Isuzu moving walks. ( Extra care should always be taken when using these vehicles on the moving walk.)

7. A drive system with minimal mechanical loss allows power saving of 25%. (Over our previous model)

8. A space-saving design eliminates waste of valuable space. Reductions in truss width and length result in 8% savings in floor space in Isuzu Moving Walk 100m long ( as compared with pour previous models)

Enhanced Safety Features

1. Demarcation Cleats

As with escalator treads, the use of yellow plastic demarcation cleats at both side of the pallets reminds passengers to maintain a safe distance from the sides.

1. Narrow Pallet-Cleat Pitch

The pitch of the pallet cleats has been reduced by about 15% and their meshing with the comb has been improved to make it even harder for objects to get caught in the grooves.

1. Lower Comb-Plate Angle

Lowering the angle of the comb plate has enhanced safety and minimized the discomfort associated with boarding and alighting from Isuzu Moving Walk. This improvement also makes it easy to use the moving walk for shopping carts and wheelchairs.

1. Inlet Guards

These flexible rubber guards prevent fingers from being drawing inside by the movement of the handrail. An Emergency switch is also provided to stop the moving walk immediately in the rare event that something does get past the guards.
Space-Saving Design Allows Significant Reductions in Installation Space
   The innovation drive mechanism of Isuzu Moving Walks makes possible considerable reduction in the truss width and size. This means savings in floor space of approximately 13 square meter on moving walk 100m long. The longer moving walk, the greater saving in floor space when compared with previous models. Moreover, uniformity in the truss depth throughout the system simplifies architectural planning.  

The anti-skid slot design of the short pedal surface possesses good non-skid property and makes the usage safe and comfortable.The extreme small angle of inclination of the broach ensure the shopping cart easily pushed to the walkway.The short pedal directly connects with the transmission chain,ensuring the moving walk operates more smooth and steady and the product maintenance easier.

AOYAMA mobile sidewalk,with its excellent performance,flexible design style and economical and practical features,can well meet the needs of different customers.the improvement of safety,comfort and energy saving technology has improved the overall pace of product upgrading.AOYAMA mobile walker is widely used in airports as passengers often with heavy luggage in tow typically need to walk considerable’s also used in shopping malls,supermarkets, Museum exhibits,Zoos,Theme parks,playground and other places,and is committed to add bright color to urban traffic.

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