1 Cm Thick Cable Can Lift 160 Elephants, China's Space Elevator Technology Has Made A Revolutionary Breakthrough

- Nov 21, 2018-

Now, we humans have become the masters of the earth. When we humans truly control everything on earth, when all animals and plants are worshipped at the feet of our human beings, we lose interest in the earth and turn our eyes. Turning to outer space, such as the existence of life on Mars, has become a subject of intense discussion among many of us.


Especially when human beings rushed out of the earth and rushed into outer space, it is estimated that many people are very interesting. Many times, Xiaobian feels like this, and some scientists have recently said that human beings are rushing out of the earth, the most critical of which. Equipment should be non-space elevators, and for many of us Chinese, Tsinghua University's research results let us go further than our dreams. The result of this research is the development of 70 cm long carbon nanotubes, if we humans With the ability to mass-produce this technology, we will inject more confidence into the realization of the space elevator project.

This kind of material is very magical. It can catch 160 elephants in one centimeter. Those who don't know are estimated to be shocked by the strong twist of carbon nanotubes. This kind of material is almost incomparable in the field of anti-stretching, if you don't consider the actual The situation, just to talk about the theoretical value, then this material is theoretically very stretch-resistant, and the research of Tsinghua University's carbon nanotube research team can be said to go beyond any other team on the planet, and the current technical level even It can reach the degree of developing carbon nanotube bundles of centimeter level. The tensile strength of this material can reach 80 billion pascals. It is effortless to lift 800 tons of items. It is really envied by foreign counterparts.

But we nationals should not be too happy. In the field of space elevators, there are still many people to go. Nowadays, we can only say that we have taken the first small step, how to bond carbon nanotubes together like cable ropes. It is a technical problem in itself. How to prevent it from being burnt out due to excessive heat when it crosses the atmosphere is also a problem.


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