3 Big Escape Skills To Master

- Sep 09, 2018-

Practical skills

Tip 1: Use the correct protection posture

Suddenly remembered in the "Wild Survival", Bell Griers escaped in the troubled elevator, and his several tricks on the spot may be more useful.

First of all, don't panic, try to call for help on the caller, press the emergency button, and try everything to ask for help from people outside the elevator.

Secondly, when the elevator is falling, it should maintain the correct posture to reduce the damage. He suggested that the back should be close to the inner wall of the elevator. If there are handrails, grasp the handrail to strengthen the protection. But if you don't have a handrail, you can kneel on the floor and protect your head with your arm.

Note: Some people say that the elevator jumps at the moment and can reduce the damage. This method is absolutely wrong. In addition, since the car itself has better protection performance, it is safer to stay in the car when the elevator fails.

Tip 2: Don't panic when you encounter a problem

In response to the self-rescue problem of the elevator, a staff member of the Liuzhou Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau said that most elevator accidents occurred when entering and leaving the elevator. "Be sure to see that the elevator has stopped." He believes that once the elevator falls, no damage can be avoided in any position. Only the posture of the back close to the inner wall of the elevator may cause less damage.

But in fact, according to him, there are very few cases where the elevator falls in life. Most of them are only temporary failures. "Just like a computer crashes, it needs to be restarted." The elevator needs to descend to the bottom of the building and return to normal, and then rise again. Therefore, don't panic at this time, so as not to cause unnecessary harm to yourself.

Note: The staff also pointed out that most elevator accidents are mainly caused by people's own inattention. Generally, after receiving a call for help, the security company in the urban area must arrive at the scene of the accident within half an hour, and it is necessary to rescue the person within two hours. Otherwise, the security company should be held accountable. So it is very important to stay calm, it is best to wait for the professionals to save.

Tip 3: Press the full floor button

According to a project developer, the place where the elevator is prone to failure generally occurs in the new community. Due to the renovation of the new house, the elevator is used frequently and even overloaded. Therefore, the elevator loss is more serious in a short time.

Therefore, the above-mentioned personnel believe that it is necessary to do a good job in the installation and maintenance of the elevator. "Maybe the elevator must be forced to replace after 10 to 15 years of use." In addition, she also said that few people now know how to save themselves when the elevator fails. "You should press all the floors and do not rush in and out of the car" to ensure that the elevator stops and the car door opens. Escape safely


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