Elevator Energy saving potential huge

- Jun 21, 2017-

Elevators and air conditioners are thought to be two big energy-consuming large buildings. It is understood that at present, China's star hotels per square metre of average annual power consumption of 150-kilowatt, a 30,000 ~ million square meters of star hotel, its annual total energy consumption is about 3000 to 4000 tons coal, of which nearly half of the elevator power supply. Elevator Industry Association Statistics, in 2005, all the elevators used in China if there is 80% use of energy-saving elevators, the year can save power consumption 12.2 Billion-kilowatt. If 2015 all uses the energy-saving elevator, will save electricity 80 billion-kilowatt when, almost equals the Three Gorges Dam one year electricity generation.
According to estimates, if the next 10 years, China's new elevators are renewable energy converter, the end of 2017, the total electricity will save 4.07 billion kwh, carbon dioxide emissions will be reduced by about 51 million tons; sulphur dioxide emissions will be reduced by about 132,000 tons; NOx emissions will be reduced by about 132,000 tonnes. In addition, it will reduce the buried 1.54 billion tons of soot, 2.475 billion tons of cinder, save 94.63 billion liters of water, reduce mining 18. 2.5 billion tons of coal.
In view of the low penetration rate of energy-saving elevators, industry insiders call on the government to support the development of energy-saving elevator industry.
Experts believe that the relevant State departments should be the elevator energy-saving requirements included in the building energy-related regulations. For example, it is embodied in the Regulations on building energy efficiency Management and the revised Energy Conservation Act. As soon as possible to establish energy-saving elevator industry standard system and certification system, standardize the development of energy-saving elevators, to avoid the energy-saving elevator market amplification process of disorderly competition.
The energy-saving performance is given priority in government procurement. At present, the domestic elevator sales have nearly half the number in the government procurement area or related to government procurement, so the government procurement of energy-saving elevator orientation can effectively support the energy-saving elevator industry. Because the production of energy-saving elevators is not large, the market price is high, the government can initially give its policy as environmental protection projects tilt, or the use of energy-efficient elevator developers to encourage policy.
Energy-saving elevator technology should be integrated with other technologies. Compared with energy saving, users are more concerned about the safety performance of elevators. The traditional elevator safety parts are being switched to two-way security systems, and the safety technology used in elevators is expanding. The combination of energy-saving technology and other safety technologies is beneficial to improve product quality and make it easier for buyers to enter the field of vision.