Advance Elevator Insurance

- Sep 14, 2018-

In recent years, with the rapid development of elevators,

Elevator safety issues are getting more and more attention from the society.

Especially the elevator accidents that occur from time to time,

It has become the focus of public opinion.

Elevator safety cannot be ignored.

Elevator safety liability insurance is a way to reduce losses.


Advance elevator insurance

Elevator safety liability insurance is an important starting point for solving elevator safety management work. Since this year, the petrochemical market supervision office has actively implemented the "Shanghai Elevator Safety Management Measures" and the "Opinions of the General Office of the State Council on Strengthening Elevator Quality and Safety Work" in Elevator Liability Insurance Advance the requirements, fully guard the residents to travel the first step, go home the last journey.

Elevator safety liability insurance is a financial liability to protect passengers from personal injury or property damage during the operation of the elevator owned or managed by the insured. It is of great significance in pre-existing risk prevention, risk control in the event, and after-the-fact claims service

In the residential elevator safety supervision series research, I learned that some residential properties in the jurisdiction are forced to insure the elevator safety liability insurance due to the high failure rate of the old elevators. However, they are unfamiliar with the insurance and hope to insure under the guidance of the government.

After knowing the demand, contact the insurance company with complete qualifications in a timely manner to fully study the insurance conditions, the responsibilities of both parties, and the scope of insurance. At the same time, in order to ensure the full communication details of the insurance coverage, the two-time elevator safety liability insurance insured question and answer session was organized.

Customs contract

At the signing ceremony of the elevator safety liability insurance, the "Elevator Safety Liability Insurance Clause" was strictly examined and checked, and all efforts were made to ensure that the safety liability insurance was promoted in an orderly manner and legally signed.

At this stage, the nine property companies in the jurisdiction have carried out targeted insurance according to the safety situation of their respective elevators. The total number of elevators insured is 52, and the insurance information is publicly disclosed. At present, the petrochemical market supervision has achieved three 100% results in the elevator safety liability insurance promotion work, that is, “the contract rate of the property company in the jurisdiction is 100%, the number of failures in the jurisdiction is high (the number of quarterly failures is more than 10), and the elevator insurance rate is 100%. The jurisdiction has insured the insurance insurance information disclosure rate of 100%."


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