As An Elevator, How Many Of You?

- Apr 07, 2018-

Elevator manufacturers today to share with you a long time in the elevator work caused by occupational diseases, see how many of you?

1, take the elevator is always subconsciously to see the brand, what unit maintenance and annual audit date. Always rely on there, see people's track straight not straight, see people repair elevators can't help but look at two eyes

2. When entering the car, take the foot to feel the flat layer is good.

3, leave the repair scene also think of just short circuit lock line removed.

4, travel always turn over the bag, to see whether the data are brought, see the server (TT) with no, four hours of distance package to open several times. Always lose tools on the site.

Elevator manufacturer

5. Take the stairs when you get home from work.

6, to change the line, another glance, the switch to pull down?

7, I think the most afraid is the pit, which smell is really not people smell.

8, telephone 24-hour boot, sometimes the phone does not ring all touch the phone!

9, the Triangle key does not leave the body.