Changsha City Launched The First Star Rating Of Elevator Maintenance Units

- Oct 15, 2018-

3 square meters of ladders, do not know how many squats up and down in the tall buildings every day. As a special equipment that the citizens contact frequently, the safety of the elevator operation depends largely on whether the daily maintenance of the “Elevator Babysitter” maintenance unit is in place. In order to improve the quality of the elevator maintenance industry, Changsha City launched the star rating of the elevator maintenance unit for the first time this year. Recently, the reporter learned from Changsha Special Equipment Safety Management Association (hereinafter referred to as “the City Special Association”) that a total of 82 units in the city have passed the evaluation and entered the star rating range. Among them, five maintenance units such as Tongli Elevator Co., Ltd. Changsha Branch Crown four stars.

Statistics show that as of August this year, Changsha City has a total of 70045 passenger elevators, and there are 164 certified maintenance units in the city. In order to promote Changsha Elevator Company to improve the quality of maintenance services and establish a brand of integrity enterprise in the elevator industry, the Municipal Special Association will carry out the 2018 annual star rating activity for the city's elevator maintenance units in April this year.

The star rating of the elevator maintenance unit includes the comprehensive technical capability of the assessment unit, the comprehensive assessment of the inspection organization, the emergency rescue system, and the inspection and test results. Liu Jianwei, secretary general of the Municipal Special Association, said that a total of 82 units have been evaluated and entered the list of star rating companies.


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