Changsha Old Building With Elevators For Up To 45 Days

- Nov 15, 2018-

Changsha old building with elevators for up to 45 days

I lived in a seven-story building for 18 years. I installed an elevator this year and it was easy to go home. After the new elevator was installed in the residential building of Changsha Evening News Newspaper Community, the residents felt a lot of pleasure and happiness. The Changsha Evening News newspaper community started the elevator installation work in September 2016. Li Ying, a member of the Community Industry Committee, participated in the whole process of installing the elevator in the community. She introduced that the party committee of the Changsha Evening News Group has installed elevators as a livelihood and popular project, and installed elevators according to the principles of “voluntary, self-governing, self-management, and self-funding”. After scientific argumentation, household survey, and organization. Etc., the owners of the first batch of 13 buildings signed an agreement to agree to install an elevator agreement and agree to share the elevator construction fee. After completing the procedures for reporting and reporting, the company will complete the elevator brand selection, installation, construction and acceptance through online bidding and evaluation by the owners' committee.

At the beginning of September, 13 buildings were successfully installed with new elevators. The owners were happy to receive the elevator access card to open a new life in the “Elevator Times”. The community also became the first community in Changsha to install elevators. The elevator installation project of the remaining 11 units of the community has also been started, and it has entered the approval and construction process.

I don't know what kind of conditions are needed to install an elevator? How to declare? Many owners who want to install elevators have such doubts, which reflects the strong demand for the installation of elevators in old houses. According to the rough statistics of relevant departments, there are more than 3,000 installations of existing multi-storey houses built by units directly under the provincial and municipal districts in Changsha, and the floors vary in height from five to eight floors. Industry insiders expect that the renovation of old buildings and the renovation of old elevators will be the main increment of the elevator market, and will maintain a high market demand for a long time.

Not commensurate with the huge demand, the actual success rate of installing new elevators in old buildings is not high. “It is difficult to unify the opinions of the owners when installing elevators in old houses.” The relevant person in charge of the Changsha City Elevator Industry Association introduced. In response to this dilemma, the "Notice" clarifies that if an elevator is occupied by the owner's proprietary part, the owner's consent shall be sought in advance; the additional elevator shall be occupied by the building or the exclusive part of the unit to occupy the total area of the building or the unit. More than two-thirds of the owners and more than two-thirds of the total number of owners agree.

Li Ying said that the installation of elevators involves design, cost budget and fundraising, and later maintenance and maintenance. It is an important guarantee for successful installation before the installation of meticulous work. In the process of installing the Changsha Evening News newspaper community, we will do the mobilization of ideas according to the requirements agreed by the owners. We emphasize the principles of openness and fairness in every aspect of the process of installation. At the same time, the role of the role model, the installation of a unit, led to a piece of landlord, and finally even the owners who were initially unwilling to add cost allocations to take the initiative to install.

The relevant person in charge of the Quality Supervision Bureau of Changsha City introduced that after the completion of the application for approval, the construction period of the additional elevators will vary according to the form of the products. Generally speaking, the time from the construction of the elevator to the completion acceptance is 45 to 90 days. The person in charge also reminded that the installation of the elevator in the old building is not a matter of completion. After the installation, it involves the allocation of maintenance costs. Taking a seven-story elevator as an example, the maintenance cost for one year is about 4,500 yuan. In the event of equipment failure or damage, repairs and parts will also be incurred. It is recommended that additional users purchase elevator safety liability insurance and equipment additional insurance to reduce maintenance costs and safety risks.


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