Do You Know The Three Inevitable Trend Of The Elevator's Future Development?

- Jan 07, 2018-

Integration of elevator control system

Elevator automatic control system has become a very active branch in the field of computer technology application. In order to meet the high requirement of flexibility for the security, reliability and function of the system, the system developed is based on microcomputer. This system integrates 4C technology, namely computer technology (COMPUTER), automatic control technology (controlling), communication technology (communication) and conversion technology (change) into highly correlated and integrated systems. It has obvious superiority over the previous control system in many aspects, such as adaptability, expansibility, maintainability and system working stability, and it has become the cornerstone of promoting the development of elevator control technology. The stability of the system has obvious advantages over the previous control system, and has become the cornerstone of the development of elevator control technology.

Elevator speed tends to super high speed

With the skyscraper, the speed of the elevator constantly challenged, but also promote the development of elevator technology. At present, the world's highest elevator speed has reached 17m/s, more 18m/s elevator will run in more than 600 meters high in the "Shanghai Center Building". It can be expected that with the development of multi-purpose and full-featured super high-rise buildings, ultra-high speed elevators must continue to be the direction of research and development. Large-capacity traction motor, high-performance microprocessor, vibration reduction, noise suppression technology, car automatic pressure regulation system, suitable for ultra-high speed elevator safety components and other technologies will be actively promoted.

The popularization of green elevator is an inevitable trend

The application of energy-saving and environment-friendly materials in elevator parts has already begun to reveal itself. Permanent magnet Synchronous gear-free traction machine, energy feedback device is rapidly improving the matching rate. The car wall, guide wheel and Traction Wheel made of non-metallic materials have been put into use. The elevator suspension system replaces the traditional traction wire rope with the flat compound traction steel belt. It is more revolutionary to replace a wire rope with a drag rope made of non-metallic materials. In addition, the use of linear motor-driven elevators also have a greater research space. Two elevators sharing the same well road are already running. Elevator Group control systems tend to be more intelligent. The group control system based on expert system and fuzzy logic can adapt to the uncertainty of elevator traffic, the diversification of control target and non-linear performance. With the development of intelligent building, the Intelligent Group control system of elevator can be combined with all the automation service equipment of the building into the whole intelligent system.