Elevator Knowledge You Should Know When Using Elevators

- Apr 01, 2018-

Elevator manufacturers 丨 What are the dangers of household elevators after water intake?

The elevator's afraid of the water, you know? Many people are strange, the elevator structure is stainless steel parts why still afraid of water? In the elevator always see someone in the cleaning corridor will be swept into the elevator shaft, many people think that there is nothing in the elevator well, so the sewage sweep is no problem, in fact, the top and bottom of the car equipped with a lot of electronic components, these electronic components encounter water will be ineffective.

In Hangzhou, there have been typhoon weather, when the rain was very large drainage, many elevators due to the pit water, electrical failure caused the elevator into paralysis. Shaft interior also has a lot of rails, elevators have water will appear leakage, if the elevator should immediately stop use, notify the professional maintenance personnel to wipe and dry before normal use.

Elevator manufacturers 丨 Elevator car overload can be automatic control?

Elevator load capacity According to the needs of different, elevators can only operate within the specified load, exceeding, the elevator will automatically alarm, and can not run.

Elevator manufacturers 丨 Elevator squat bottom and race whether there are protective measures?

The bottom of the elevator to make the elevator car in the control system all failure, will go beyond the first layer of flat layer position and down, until squatting to the end of the buffer on the pit stop. Buffer is to set up the protective device, this protective device according to the elevator operating speed of different, respectively, by the spring-type and hydraulic two kinds. When the car squatting on the bumper is called squat bottom. At this time, the impact of the buffer on the elevator car relief effect, not to the elevator passengers caused serious damage.