Hangzhou Existing Residential Elevators From Sporadic To Tablet

- Aug 29, 2018-

Recently, the first batch of elevators in Xiacheng District was installed with a piece of propulsion project. The elevator project of Xin'an Fangting Community was successfully completed. The first whole village installation elevator project in Gongshu District was officially launched. Hangzhou installed elevators into buildings. New progress has been made in community advancement.

Xin'an Fangting Community is located at the northeast corner of the intersection of Xiangji Temple Road and Changchun Road in Xiacheng District. It consists of 4 multi-storey houses with 9 unit buildings. The project passed the joint review on May 25 this year, and it was completed in less than three months. During the whole process of promotion, the EPC model was adopted uniformly, and the general contracting of elevator design, procurement and construction was implemented, which greatly accelerated project coordination. Time has further shortened the construction period. The whole project has played a good reference and reference for Hangzhou City to promote the installation of elevators.

In addition, the project of the Ferry New Village Community was officially started on August 16 this year. The project covers 23 units in 7 blocks of the whole district, and 23 elevators will be connected to the half-floor of the straight corridor. From the appearance of the whole scheme, the two sides of the elevator adopt a full transparent double-glazed wall style on both sides, and aluminum plates are used on both sides of the east and west. This design maximizes the lighting of the north and south sides of the residential building, while avoiding the impact of reflection on the surrounding residential areas, and continuing the residents' original entry and exit habits. Soon after, the residents of these 23 units will enter the era of elevators. ”

What is more worth mentioning is that the new village community has also realized the combination of the installation of elevators and the renovation and renovation of old residential areas, and solved the worries of broken walls, pipeline migration, traffic organization and re-greening caused by the installation of elevators. At the same time of installing the elevator, the community will simultaneously plan the internal roads and greening. On the basis of ensuring the fire exit, the district environment will be rationally optimized, and the “return road” of repeated excavation and repair will not be taken.

The installation of elevators in existing houses is a popular project, and it is also a good thing to improve security and improve people's livelihood and benefit the people and the people. As of August 27, 398 installations of elevators in Liucheng District of Hangzhou passed the joint review, of which 42 were completed and 212 were under construction. The municipal housing and housing management department will continue to actively promote in various urban areas, further establish and improve the working mechanism of district planning, street building, community “singing drama” and pipeline special person coordination mechanism, continue to strengthen overall coordination, and gradually realize the installation of elevators. Dong and Chengcheng promote the transition from sporadic to normal, accelerate the improvement of long-term management, and meet the needs of the people for a better life with practical actions.


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