How To Assess The Level Of Energy-saving Elevator Is The Most Reasonable?

- Jun 21, 2017-

Energy-saving elevator 2002 by the Chinese elevator network put forward the concept, has been more than 10 years, now the concept of energy-saving elevators for the elevator enterprises and users, but also by the relevant national departments.
So how do we look at energy-efficient elevators now? How to assess the level of energy-saving elevators?
Energy-saving elevator registration evaluation, can be similar to the use of household appliances five-level system, or AAA, AA, A, B, C five system. and AC two-speed elevator if the C-class, then the Turbo-worm VVVF elevator can be B-class, Permanent magnet synchronous host power than the turbine worm mainframe, so the use of permanent magnet synchronous host VVVF elevator can be included a level.
To obtain a AA-level elevator, you must be able to save electricity more than the elevator of a permanent magnet synchronous motor.
The AAA-grade elevator is the world's most advanced energy-saving technology and application of elevator products.
According to the above situation and the actual use of the elevator, we propose the following hard reference for the rating of energy-saving elevators
AAA: Permanent magnet Synchronous host, VVVF control technology, elevator power generation use to achieve $number, not directly impact the power grid. This kind of elevator energy-saving effect is good, no impact on the power grid, is a truly mature third generation energy-saving elevator.
AA: Permanent magnet Synchronous host, VVVF control, can use the elevator power generation, such as energy feedback, but the energy feedback must conform to the State Grid network conditions, with the elevator power rectifier and the power of the string wave stability processing technology without harmful impact on the grid. Energy feedback utilization rate reached $number, the elevator into the third generation of energy-saving elevator line, but belong to the threshold of the third type of energy-saving elevators.
A: Permanent magnet synchronous host, VVVF control, this type of elevator has been widely used for nearly ten years, and sales are increasing every year, the market share is increasing, the power consumption, but also the protection of the environment than the turbine worm elevator better, is now the mainstream products, will continue to increase the share. This type of elevator is the second generation of energy-saving elevators.
B: Turbo-worm mainframe, VVVF control, this type of elevator motor power is relatively large, but compared to the exchange of dual-speed energy-saving, but also the first generation of energy-saving elevator technology, but is gradually reducing production. The market also continued to have sales, before the main elevator products.
B: AC dual-speed control, turbo-worm elevator mainframe, PLC or older control mode, the elevator is mainly the old elevator and cargo elevator.
Of course, the hardware to achieve, the software can not be achieved, the level after the addition of a "-", as a lack of aspects need to be improved.
For the determination of energy-saving level, must have actual hardware conditions and actual data support, otherwise the rating will be empty talk.