How To Do The Elevator Daily Maintenance And Maintenance

- Jun 21, 2017-

In our daily life, or micro-letter circle of friends often see some big and small elevator "accident", in fact, most of the reasons for the elevator accident, and the elevator Daily maintenance unit off the relationship. However, many human factors are also a major source of accidents.

As the elevator Daily maintenance unit, how should we ask ourselves?

The daily maintenance of elevators must be carried out by the installation, alteration, maintenance unit or elevator manufacturing unit licensed in accordance with this Regulation. Elevators shall be cleaned, lubricated, adjusted and inspected at least once every 15th.

The Daily maintenance unit of the elevator shall strictly carry out the requirements of the National Safety Technical standard in the maintenance and maintenance, ensure the safety technical performance of the elevator, and be responsible for the implementation of the site safety protection measures to ensure the safety of the construction.

The Daily maintenance unit of the elevator shall be responsible for the safety of its maintenance elevator. After receiving the fault notice, should immediately rushed to the scene, and take the necessary emergency rescue measures.