Hydraulic Home Villa Elevator

- Jun 29, 2018-

AOYAMA hydraulic villa elevator

The AOYAMA hydraulic villa elevator breaks the traditional elevator design method, adopts the more safe, more efficient, simple structure aluminum alloy frame design, quotes the European full hydraulic drive system, makes the product performance more optimized and the structure is more concise. Low cost, convenient installation, high precision, safety and reliability are the ideal choices for duplex buildings such as villa and villa.

The hydraulic household elevator is widely used in the developed countries in Europe and America. Its greatest advantages can be realized by simple press button in the car when the power failure and failure are in the car. The function of the flat layer - the open door (hand pull door) has a small space, no bottom pit, and all the loads directly affect the top of the ground well. The maximum load can enter the car from three entrances, suitable for renovation or new building. Aluminum alloy and steel shaft can be installed, and the sightseeing car can be used.

Features of elevator in AOYAMA hydraulic Villa

Safety and reliability: elevator door system switch mode is safe and reliable, it can automatically stop and drop in case of emergency and emergency rescue.

Energy saving and environmental protection: using 24V residential voltage, motor noise is small, energy saving and environmental protection.

The installation is simple: no foundation pit or small foundation pit, and no well channel can be reserved for easy installation.

Elegant and comfortable: the interior can be refined and simple, and can be personalized to ensure comfort and elegance.

AOYAMA hydraulic villa elevator