Is It Necessary To Install Family Elevator In Villa?

- Jan 15, 2021-

Nowadays, the problem of aging society is becoming more and more serious, and people have long been accustomed to elevator travel, even if the first floor to the second floor of the interval want to wait for the elevator, many different regions, the elevator has long become the standard requirement for building, especially in the family with elderly children.

Maybe many people think that the elevator of family villa is not very easy to use. Building a house in the countryside is only two or three stories. In other words, it's three and a half stories higher. In the long run, if there are old people and children in the family, it's convenient to go up and down with the elevator, and there's no need to rely on two legs to lift up and down the stairs.

Many people will say that the elevator has not been installed for a long time, so there is no need to spend any unjust money. 

Here, we can only say that we plan early and enjoy early, and the later installation is not only troublesome but also ugly. 

Why do you say that, the installation of the family villa elevator will save time and effort in food, clothing, housing and transportation. When the sick can not run the stairs or the people who are not able to move, it is much more convenient to travel with the villa elevator.

What are the functions of elevator installation in family villa?

191. There are two ways to open the door of domestic elevator. Induction door and manual door. The automatic and manual doors shall realize the self-locking interlocking effect of mechanical and electrical installation engineering as often as possible, so as to prevent the door elevator and elevator from not opening the landing door sometimes.

192. Domestic elevators also have elevator shaft without elevator steel frame structure and no door, but try to have safety measures to prevent cutting collision.

193. The vast majority of villa elevator is manual sliding door design, elevator car has no door. Then try to install safety light curtain door to prevent the risk of friction collision extrusion processing.