Let The Public Travel More Smoothly! The Special Rectification Effect Of Elevators In Public Places Is Obvious

- Sep 06, 2018-

“As long as the subway is running, the elevator must be running.”

“Where an elevator that cannot operate normally during the public time period, the user must announce the reason for the outage and resume the running time in a conspicuous position.”

Since June, all departments of the municipal government have focused on the implementation of elevator responsibility, on-time operation, inspection and testing, maintenance and repair, emergency disposal and joint supervision, and the city's transportation sites, stadiums, parks, hospitals, and large businesses. Special rectification will be carried out in the operation of elevators in public places. During the period, 500 public places were inspected, 497 elevators were used, and 10,592 public elevators were used. It was found that there were 600 hidden dangers.

elevators in public places

The reporter learned from the Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau that the focus of this special rectification is the elevators in public places in the city, especially in open-air public places.

The special rectification content mainly includes:

Whether the elevator use unit and the maintenance unit are clear, whether the relevant responsibilities are implemented, whether the management organization, rules and regulations are sound, whether the maintenance and inspection are in place;

Whether the elevator is inspected, whether the inspection conformity mark and the safety warning sign are posted, whether the operation is stable, whether the emergency call and the safety device are valid, and whether the emergency duty is in place;

Whether the elevator use unit combines the actual location and personnel flow to determine and strictly implement the elevator running time to ensure the public needs to travel, whether to deliberately stop or shorten the running time.

"Through centralized rectification, the city's public places use elevators, maintenance, and regulatory responsibility are more clearly defined. Elevator use, management, repair, and rescue are effectively regulated. The service efficiency of elevators in public places has been fully released, and public travel has been opened. The joint point of the city quality supervision bureau is introduced.

In addition, the reporter also learned that on the basis of this special rectification, the Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau, in conjunction with the province's “Special Equipment 100-day Security Attack” and the city's “Safe Production Inspection”, further deployed the “Elevator Safety Special”. Remediation actions." Focus on the inspection and safety enforcement of elevator use management and maintenance in the city, respond to the public's high concern and reflect the outstanding elevator problems, investigate and deal with violations of laws and regulations, urge elevator users and maintenance units to implement safety main responsibility, and promote elevator use units. The safety management level and the quality of elevator maintenance work are effectively improved to ensure the safe travel of citizens.


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