Multi-initiative In Yunyan District To Create Provincial Elevator Safety Management Demonstration Zone

- Aug 22, 2018-

How to strengthen the safety of elevators and ensure the safety of citizens? Since the beginning of this year, Yunyan District has taken the opportunity of “creating a provincial-level elevator safety demonstration zone” to continuously improve the supervision mechanism and improve the elevator safety supervision capability.

Innovate the supervision mechanism and establish a five-level grid for elevator safety management. 28 communities (towns) and their subordinate residences (villages) committees in Yunyan District employed a total of 167 elevator safety coordinators and more than 400 supervisory people's livelihood supervisors. The market supervision bureau and market supervision were initially established. The elevator safety five-level grid management service system consisting of branch offices, community (town), residence (village) committees, and volunteer people's livelihood supervisors creates a good ride environment.

Adhere to prevent problems before they occur, and carry out elevator safety hazard management. At present, there are 5,526 elevators in Yunyan District, of which 1,192 are used for more than 10 years, and 344 old elevators with a service life of more than 15 years. Faced with the large base of elevators, old and poor communication signal coverage problems, the Yunyan District Market Supervision Bureau insisted on problem-oriented, united communities, housing construction and other departments to carry out the coordination and management of old and “three no” elevators. Complete the safety assessment of 80 sets of old residential elevators for more than 15 years, coordinate and solve the safety hazards of elevators such as Yu'an New City, Youshan Meishi and Ruiyuan New City, coordinate and guide the Fushui Garden and Zhongxia Building to replace the new ladder.

Set up a big data platform to improve the level of safety and scientific supervision of elevators. At present, the “Elevator Safety Public Service Platform” built in Yunyan District has been installed in 85 units in the future, such as Ark, Xiaoshicheng and Hunter Uptown. By installing an electronic display screen and monitoring camera in the elevator car, sensors and black boxes are installed at the main nodes of the elevator, and all elevators in the area are remotely monitored by using "Internet +", Internet of Things, and big data technology to minimize passenger sleep. Ladder time, optimize the allocation of resources such as public security and fire protection, and implement safer, faster and scientific rescue.

Strengthen insurance awareness and improve the elevator safety guarantee system. In accordance with the provisions of “Compulsory and strict safety access conditions and mandatory implementation of safety production liability insurance system”, Yunyan District requires new elevators in the jurisdiction to purchase and upload elevator safety liability insurance, and unite the community (town) elevator safety association. The manager carried out propaganda on the old elevator users, promoted the elevator safety liability insurance, and ensured that more than 60% of the elevators in the jurisdiction purchased safety liability insurance. At present, a total of 425 elevators in Yunyan District purchase insurance and report to the special equipment supervision system.

Up to now, the elevator registration rate in Yunyan District has reached 99.28%, the elevator inspection rate is 97.9%, the maintenance rate on schedule is 92.98%, the rescue entry rate is 98.1%, and the elevator safety complaint report rate is 100% on time.


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