National Elevator High Temperature Warning

- Aug 07, 2018-

"High-temperature weather elevator safety use tips" reminds the elevators to use the unit, during the high temperature period, it is necessary to strengthen the ventilation, sunshade and cooling of the elevator machine room, sightseeing elevator shaft and cabin.

Detect the temperature of the elevator host and control cabinet

Detect the temperature of the elevator host and control cabinet

What happens to the elevator "heatstroke"? Cause damage to parts,Easy to sleep or the button is out of order!

“Once the temperature of the equipment room is too high, it is easy to cause damage to parts.” An elevator maintenance staff told reporters that the elevator room has long-term high-temperature operation, which is easy to cause circuit failure. For example, the elevator door suddenly cannot open, people are trapped in the elevator, and the elevator The button is out of order, the elevator suddenly loses power, etc. "These are the performances of the elevator being 'hot"."

In order to avoid the elevator being "heated", the new elevators have their own cooling fans, and the old elevators have poor heat dissipation capacity. Therefore, the property generally installs air conditioners spontaneously, lowers the temperature of the equipment room, and air conditioners 24 when the weather is hot and humid. Opened in hours, "In general, the overall temperature of the equipment room is kept at 40 °C, which plays a role in cooling and dehumidification."

How to give the elevator "cooling down"?Air conditioning in the computer room for 24 hours Regular inspections during peak hours. ”What if I am trapped in an elevator? Waiting for rescue after the alarm.

Take targeted measures to effectively control each link, which can ensure that the temperature of the elevator room in the summer high temperature weather is within the normal range, and finally eliminate or reduce various faults caused by high temperature, and ensure the elevator is safe, stable and reliable. Run in the environment to better serve the users.


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