No Machine Room Elevator Scope

- Sep 06, 2017-

On the host

In this arrangement, the host is placed between the top of the hoistway car and the elevator shaft wall. In order to make the connection between the control cabinet and the host short enough, the control cabinet is usually placed next to the top door. Easy to repair and maintenance.

Host under the home

The main unit is placed in the bottom pit part of the hoistway, placed on the projection space between the pit car and the counterweight, and the control cabinet is generally taken as a wall. This placement is also convenient for maintenance and repair.

The host is on the car

The host on the top of the car, the control cabinet on the side of the car, this arrangement, the number of accompanying cable more.

Host control cabinet location

The main unit and the control cabinet are placed in the opening space of the side wall of the hoistway

There is no special requirement for the size of the mainframe and the control cabinet in this way, but it is required that the openings of the openings be of sufficient thickness and leave the door.

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