Please Don't Do These Actions On The Escalator

- Aug 08, 2018-

Not long ago, when a woman took the escalator at the subway station, the big suitcase suddenly lost control and rolled down the escalator, knocking down another passenger on the escalator. After the passenger was tripped, the back of the head slammed into the elevator. Blood DC.

Recently, there is a dance video broadcast called "Elevator Elevator and Others" on the Internet. However, if you really dance on the elevator and go retrograde on the elevator, it is easy to have a safety accident. The Ningbo Rail Transit Operation Branch recently launched a focus on elevator safety operations. The staff reminded passengers to strictly abide by the regulations for taking elevators in public places.

.Rail transit staff is explaining the subway safety knowledge to everyone

It is understood that these actions are classified as dangerous when riding the escalator, do not do it. 1. Run and fight on the escalator steps; 2. lie on the handrail; 3. lean against the side wall; 4. Stand at the escalator entrance.

In the case of barrier-free elevators, there are also high-risk actions to avoid: dancing in barrier-free elevators, blocking the elevator doors to close, may cause door clamps; jumping and playing in the car, easily leading to door locks, overload devices, safety gear The peace level device fails and will reduce the efficiency of the elevator.

In addition, these common actions in our lives will also affect the normal operation of the elevator. Everyone needs to avoid: 1. Press the switch button repeatedly. Some people who are acute, like to repeatedly press the door button, in fact, this does not speed up the opening and closing of the door, but will affect the operational sensitivity of the elevator; 2. Forced into the overload. The elevator has a rated load capacity. If the load exceeds the load range, it will automatically alarm. If it is overloaded for a long time, the elevator running program will be disordered and malfunction.


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